The Best Cut:

At Best Building Components, our units are broken down and cut piece by piece to ensure that every cut is 100% accurate to its specified dimensions. This accuracy allows our wood products to be assembled right out of the unit, which saves the end user time and gurantees consitent accuracy.

How we got here?

While in the past a large part of Best's output has been roof trusses, the economy pushed Best Building Components to adapt. Rather than purchasing a bunk saw, our business adapted our current equipment as means for cutting down units. Because truss production requires a completely accurate cuts, the adaptation of the truss saw provides Best with pinacle prescision that cannot be matched by any bunk saw used in the industry. Thus, each piece of lumber is met by a blade on each side of the board which gurantees that the space between the two blades is 100% accurate and consistent. With a bunk saw, the cut itself is not only uneven, but the unit is cut on only one side leaving an even higher margin of error. Simply put, our cuts our perfect, guaranteed. 

Industry Standards:   Why we don't 'Bunk Cut' our lumber...

The industry standard for lumber cutting  is called "Precision Bunk Cutting". This practice cuts whole units of lumber on one end rather than cutting each individual board of lumber piece by piece. The result, is an uneven and incosistent cut that has more than an 1/8 of an inch variance throughout the entire unit. This leaves the end user stuck with the tedious task of shaving off small amounts of each board, or worse, boards that are too short.